Formed Coke: Ecologically Sensitive, Economically Superior

Ekocoke, LLC™

This is USU’s 12,000 sq.ft. CEIC Facility near Helper, Utah where the Ekocoke Clean Formed Coke Pilot Plant was located inside the building.


Welcome to Ekocoke. 

• Ekocoke, LLC is a technology company co-owned by Sansegal Global, Teamworks Group, LLC and Greenleaf Energy Group, Inc.—all Utah Companies.  Their combined technical, industrial and financial management experience is over 250 years.  Please take some time to learn about formed coke produced in a closed-loop clean continuous production process. Take a photo tour of the Pilot Plant.  Pictures of Ekocoke formed coke produced at the Pilot Plant are also shown. 

Ekocoke technology is award winning.  (trophies)  (video)

Ekocoke delivers a unique industrial value proposition:

• Formed Coke costs less to make.

• Formed Coke uses less energy to make.

• Formed Coke is produced in a clean continuous process.

• Formed Coke is uniform in quality and performance.

Using this disruptive technology, Ekocoke licenses/partners with operators/developers of merchant coking facilities or integrated steel manufacturers.

Ekocoke, LLC

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